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Governance & compliance as standard

    Value Network

    Integrated Maritim Solution

    Ship building, docking and repair, shipping-line, sea transport, industrial and maritime fuel distribution, industrial estate & port, and more to come.


    Serves with Quality

    Pro-hired experts for each area, we make sure our products and services will always be delivered in quality, aiming for world-class standards.


    Prior on Governance

    We operates with standards and pursue for effective process, and comply to regulations.


    Our Businesses

    We currently have four companies under our management.

    Armada Bangun Samudra

    ABS builds ships
    for group’s transportation business.

    Pelnas Wibowo Bersaudara

    PWB provides sea transportation which service mainly in mining cargo such as coal and nickel, and other materials nation-wide.

    Inti Delta Kirana

    IDK supports fuel business from the transportation area, equiped with trucking fleets in various size.

    Mahkota Niaga Energi

    MNE operates in fuel trading and distribution for industries and maritime needs, fulfilling supply for group and external party.

    Our Projects

    What We Do Right Now

    Tugboat & Barges Building

    Under ABS Shipyard, we’re currently building 30 sets of tugboats and barges for the transportation needs in the western part of Indonesian waters.


    With fleets and contracts availabilility we enhance schedules and operations effectiveness.

    Reliable Fuel Supply

    We make sure our businesses continuity as well as other customers on supply.

    Oil Distribution Reach

    Extending the market and capacity to eastern Indonesia

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